You Can’t Hack Fundamentals…

Analytics Aren’t Everything

“Growth is about doing business fundamentals well, not finding one sneaky lever for exponential growth.”

– Andy Johns (Facebook, Twitter, Quora, Wealthfront)

Everywhere we turn, it’s: ‘hack this, analyze that’. Yes, automation can offer tremendous advantages. Analytics, like accurate Financials, can reveal important pieces of the puzzle.

But effort and outcome must collaborate, like any effective team. Quantitative must learn to play well with Qualitative, or company operations will suffer the consequences.

Everyone wants the shortcut. This is human nature. Instant gratification became a cultural norm long ago.

Truth is: no growth can be sustainably hacked without a solid foundation for a market-worthy product or service. Bedrock, upon which we build, must be established first. The pendulum must swing back to the middle, or gaps in awareness necessary for growth and business nurturing will undermine even a seemingly steady enterprise.

This is not a new epidemic. It has been incubating for decades, since the term performance ‘metrics’ first started gaining traction.

Our gaping blind spot here is akin to ignoring the necessity for EQ (emotional intelligence) in sales team members, assuming standardized testing can assess all potential factors related to future success, and leaping to the conclusion that computers can replace people because they can be programmed to replicate certain tasks.

Logic fails – as do results – when we eliminate crucial components. The machine needs all necessary parts in order to function properly.

This is precisely the point: Strategy (big picture) and Tactics (task-orientation) are 2 different animals. When they collaborate effectively, great results can emerge. When we forget which one leads, we might as well be steering a Flintstones car: we have dismissed the essential engine.

Astonishing, groundbreaking, landmark growth requires evaluation and understanding of the Qualitative & Quantitative together. Run the analytics; but, we must be sure to monitor with human eyes: (1) what we’re measuring, (2) how we see and measure it, and (3) why.

Find a balance. Use reason. Employ experience and seasoned expertise.

If inspiration, awareness, and imagination are seeds of the most remarkable innovations, we are wise to water and fertilize the blossoming greenery with these as well. We must use each of the best tools available, and imagine we can get the right solution by relying solely on one.

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